L’Auberge des Templiers, restaurant and hotel

We actually passed L’Auberge des Templiers, a Relais and Chateau Hotel, while looking for it on the way from Sully sur Loire to Bourges. It is an inauspicious looking place from the road in an inauspicious looking neighborhood and not much in the way of signage.

The hotel has been a famous road house since medieval times and earned one Michelin star for its fine restaurant in 1952. The star has been retained ever since and is currently under the direction of Master Chef Yoshihiko Miura.

The plaque on the front gate announces the restaurant’s status as one of the great tables of the world. I was getting hungry already.




From our room we could see the pool surrounded by lovely grounds. I was hot and looking forward to a nice cool dip. Luz collected a new copy of the Relais et Chateau guide on the way through the lobby and Les Grande Tables du Monde too.



I was already in my bathing suit and flip flops and on my way to the pool. What a beautiful walk it was under those great mature trees.




A bit of a folly decked out in thatch and stucco. Our room was on the
second floor with the cute little window overlooking all the action.
The restaurant is in the center of the space, surrounded by beautiful landscaping
Luz was right behind me on the way to the pool and, as always, busy taking photos



Now we skip to later that night, when I finally got to try all the delicious food I’d been waiting for all day.

Click on one of the photos below for slideshow:






Our wine for the evening was a nice Burgundy, perfect for the lamb

Chef Yoshihiko Miura came out to take a bow when we finished our main courses:



Then, finally, it was time for dessert, and that experience was just as adventurous as the main course:



For those of us who weren’t overcome by sugar and cream, a selection of extraordinary fruit gelees and other delightful bits were offered that could have been a dessert in themselves. IMG_9723

And, of course, coffee at the end. We needed to wake up enough to walk to our rooms.




Auberge des Templiers Restaurant & Hotel



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