Bonifacio Corsica 2019

Our lodging, The Hotel Le Genovese (center of photo) occupies a portion of the fortress that once defended the approach to the city. To the left in the photo is the Dominican Monastery and church. On the right the entrance to the protected harbor.
The view from the terrace outside our room looking back to the harbor below and the city above. Corsica and Sardinia have been overrun by generations of conquerors drawn to the mild climate and sunshine and the location of the islands between the powers all around the Mediterranean coast.
The. Walk into town passes ice cream and souvenir shops. The buildings are old the streets narrow and winding.
Flying buttresses support the church walls on the adjacent building. Small sidewalk spaces fill with tables and diners. It is a laid-back Island atmosphere populated by a divers mix of people from all over the world who come as tourists and never leave.
Wandering the trails of Bonifacio
Back at the Hotel for a romantic dinner by the pool
Lamb Chops with roasted vegetables in the hotel restaurant at a table by the pool. As the light dims we talk of the days adventures. A day spent walking and we are hungry, tired and happy.
Walking the next day to see the convent of st Dominique
The remnants of the cloister
The old Monastery gate reveals a market assembled in the street beyond.
Many streets have small shops selling locally produced goods to the summer crop of holiday visitors.
An ancient gate to the city reminds that defense was a way of life here.
One entrance to the fortress with its drawbridge intact. The gun ports opposite a reminder of the battles for control of the island.
A boat ride to the blue lagoon turned into an exciting splash through some decent waves. If you chose to ride on the front you were locked out and could not get back inside until the waves eased…
In the evening a glass of rose and dinner in the Restaurant Centre Nautique the sister hotel to the Genovese. Dinner is elegant but relaxed. It is summer on an island.


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