Fishing Boats and Fabulous Views – Cassis, July 1, 2018

The view of Cassis below from our room in the Chateau de Cassis. Cassis is the quintessential French fishing village. Overrun with holidaying visitors but still fun to be in and never losing its own unique quality.
The Chateau de Cassis is the original fortified village of Cassis sitting atop the hill overlooking the port. During more violent times the port would have been overrun frequently by pirates and marauding bands. The walled town provided shelter and most made their permanent homes there. Now it is owned by one man who is developing this Bed and Breakfast in the ruins.
After a hard day of travel and relaxing at the pool we head into the town of Cassis at sunset to look for food.
The Chateau de Cassis is in the background in this shot from the docks in Cassis. It’s a steep hill we will climb to get back after dinner.
Summer is Rose in France. Strollers are the background to our dinner at one of the restaurants that line the dock.
Super inviting octopus salad
Fresh sardines with roasted vegetables next to the boat that caught em. This is the way to eat and to live.
Actual functional fishing boats line the harbor. There is no piped in rock. A passing jazz duo provides a serenade.
Leaving Cassis behind we move out headed for Gordes and the ruined Abbeys of Provence.
Napoleon’s Alles of Sycamores still provide shade, now to cars instead of lines of marching soldiers.
Chateau de Cassis dreamin’

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