Neuvy St. Sepulchre after the Rain

Ethan Map Neuvy
At this point, we are completing our straight line across France and are starting on a loop

We enter into the little town of Neuvy to see the St. Sepulchre Church, a recreation of the church erected over the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem. The parking lot is a short walk from the Church, and along the way we pass the most extraordinary forms of buildings. Brilliant geraniums in planters brighten the walk, and Luz captures a photo of a little house with its raked walls and roof.


Looking like a little man with its hat askew

We go behind the nave of the church. This church is reversed, meaning the Sanctuary is the rotunda and the nave stretches out behind it.



IMG_1167 (2)
Street scene in Neuvy after the rain

We are then outside the rotunda of the church that dates to 1225 when it was begun by Cardinal Odo or Eudes of Châteauroux on his return from the seventh crusade.

Early Romanesque dog tooth decoration around the windows and a columned arcarde
Luz puts her foot on the Camino de Santiago
Traditional plank door with scroll iron work

Inside the rotunda there are 11 columns representing the 12 apostles. Judas Iscariot is excluded.


I gazed upward, in awe of the perfection of the circle:


Afterwards, we wander the streets of Neuvy, balancing on the ancient cobblestones, before heading off to our next destination.


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