Fontevraud Abbaye – Hotel, 2017

Fontevraud the Hotel has been created in former outbuildings of the Royal Monastery. The quality of the masonry and the interiors is very high throughout the Hotel and the renovation is very contemporary in feel without unfavorably impacting the architecture of the buildings.

The view from our hotel room with the village in the distance. There are several good restaurants in the village in addition to the fine restaurant at the hotel.
The abbey kitchen was a great chimney with space for multiple fires below.
The interior of the Abbey kitchens with the smoke of years of cooking fires still evident.

The brackets that carry the roof edge are carved into imaginative figures.

Light entering through the stained glass windows paints the interior in color.
An exhibit detailed the history of the family of Eleanor and her sons.
Light paints the lace of the iron work on the stairs.

The great beauty of the cloisters provides hours of enjoyable strolling and admiring the incredible work that went into crafting the many buildings by hand.

In the village, a memorial to the town accountant murdered by the Nazi’s during the War years, provides a pause to be grateful that we don’t face the need for violent resistance in our day.

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