Santa Teresa Gallura . Sardinia

Sardinia is visible in the distance as we clear the harbor leaving Corsica on our visit in 2019. The beautiful sunny day means hot deck and warm winds and post pandemic, we have been back to Sardinia and Corsica twice since this, our first visit.
The ferry ride is 50 minutes and Luz catches a few winks in the shade surrounded by a group on holiday
The Hotel Corallaro our first in Sardinia, has a commanding view of the ocean and a welcoming sign.
A ferry heads for Corsica
Soon we were seated comfortably in the hotel restaurant, welcomed by a big friendly smile and a nice bottle of wine. The staff were so nice during our time there. It was a real pleasure to stay at this hotel.
Dessert. Yeah!
Sunset from our balcony colors the sky and helps us slow down from the excitement of making the crossing.
The center of town is just a few steps up the hill. The Mediterranean blue sky compliments the warm pastel tones of the town buildings.
Santa Teresa Gallura transforms at night into a lively market. Several square blocks of downtown streets are filled with strolling shoppers and table merchants who sell everything from local produce to tourist items. In the background small restaurants cater to the late diner. On our visit last year the market had not yet resumed post pandemic.
The public beach below the hotel is quite small for the number of holiday lets and hotel rooms surrounding. I got in the water but we found it too crowded to be enjoyable. For the remainder of our stay we sought out one of the many beaches in the surrounding towns. The cost of tanning bed rentals about $ 25 for the day and food varies widely depending on the restaurant.
The following day we head out for one of the great beaches close to the town. This one Spiaggia Conca Verde offers brilliant sun, crystal waters and the beachfront tables of the adjacent Hotel La Coluccia where we find a delightful lunch surrounded by blowing white drapes, I feel we are in a Fellini movie.
Just breathtaking…
Back at the Corallaro for a refreshing swim in the hotel pool at days end just before dinner.

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